Monday, December 18, 2006

To Forgive or Not to Forgive

To forgive or not to forgive, that is the question.
Whether it is easier to dwell upon an offense,
And grow hurt into anger and bitterness.

Or forgive the offender,
Whether repentant of their deed,
Or cold hearted and unresponsive.

To focus on the pain,
Feed a gloomy countenance,
That looms like a thundercloud overhead.

Or obey my heavenly Father’s command,
To forgive my fellow man,
That I too might be forgiven.

To believe the lies of the enemy,
Be controlled by that, which is temporary,
Fail to recognize that this too shall pass.

Or trust Jesus Christ my Savior,
Think upon that which is true, lovely and pure.
Seek that which is praiseworthy and of eternal value.

by Susan Bunts – December 18, 2006

This year has been not only a year of clarity…but one with many lessons in forgiveness.

I’m a pretty straight shooter in life…and when confronted with something that’s not right…I will likely speak my mind in a very direct manner. Not leave a lot of wiggle room. If I don’t speak my mind…then I hold onto that which bothered me and I can’t even look the person in the eye and I loose respect.

I don’t know quite what to do when I get no response. It’s hard…I’d prefer a response of “Go pound sand!” than to be ignored.

But when I’m met with silence…I have a choice. God calls me to forgive. That forgiveness should not be dependent on someone acknowledging an offense, apologizing or choosing to ignore me. If let my reaction and choice to forgive be dependent upon them…then I’m held hostage.

Instead my Father in heaven…has made it abundantly clear that I need to walk in present, everyday forgiveness. It is only by His strength and wisdom I can do that which goes against my nature…forgive.

Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?" Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.” – Matthew 18:21-22

Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Emmanuel…God with me

When uncertainties abound,
He was my steady Rock.

When friends were scarce,
He never left me, nor forsook me.

When my faith failed me,
He remained ever faithful.

When anxiety was my lot,
He invited me to cast my cares upon Him.

When my soul was inconsolable,
He comforted me.

When joy eluded me,
He arranged an appointment with joy.

When the phone did not ring,
He remained a friend…who sticks much closer than a brother.

When the road ahead was dark,
He was the light unto my path.

When understanding was absent,
He provided clarity and insight through His word.

When disappointment swamped my soul,
He was my bright and shinning hope.

When tears were shed in solitude,
His nail pierced hands wiped my eyes.

When fear gripped my heart,
He was my courage to forge ahead.

When my prayers failed me,
He interceded for me at the right hand of the Father.

When this little lamb strayed into the thicket of doubt and unbelief,
The Good Shepherd rescued me from the ravenous wolf.

When ready to live a settled for life,
He challenged me to come up higher.

When I stood firm and waited,
I saw the deliverance of my Lord…Emmanuel.

by Susan Bunts - 12/7/06

Many folks compose a letter each year to be enclosed with their Christmas cards. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this tumultuous, roller coaster of a year. Even if I attempted to put pen to paper…goodness only knows the words…would soon be a novel, not a mere letter.

That being said…when all else failed me…Jesus Christ my Emmanuel remained with me each day, each step of the way. May this poem be my praise and thanksgiving to my faithful, loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I also want to say thank you to those of you who prayed for me during this difficult and challenging year. Lord bless!

Monday, October 02, 2006

My Heart’s Desire

A certain wildness,
That can not be tamed.

Maddeningly aloof,
Yet I find myself drawn.

He hears me,
Like none before.

A quite confidence,
Seeks not the praise of men.

At times immovable,
Yet a plea for help will be answered.

Humble strength,
Helps those in need.

Deep beneath the surface.

Scars remain,
Hurt deep within the soul.

Faithfulness and truth,
Ever so rare in this generation.

My heart yearns,
Desires one…such as this.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Once Considered a Friend

There once was a man called friend.
With sparkling blue eyes and an engaging smile,
Who captured my heart.

A thoughtful, kind and caring soul.
Through thick and through thin,
A good friend to all.

Passionate and caring of things of import.
Arguments vocalized with a friendly banter,
Refusal to back down or be swayed from his point.

Then the day came, when rough waters abound.
A cry went out for the help of a supportive friend.
Only to be met with silence.

Confused information with participation.
Choices sent waves of disappointment;
From which he would not repent.

The phone remained silent; e-mails unanswered.
Hurt and withdrawal necessitated,
A decision…to give up.

Decision made to move on.
Eyes fixed forward, must not look back.
In reality…a struggle each day.

Until one day…success.
Conversation…but nary a thought of him came to mind.
Shocked, surprised and appalled!

How could I…what kind of a person am I?
To so easily forget,
One, once considered a friend?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What I Wouldn’t Give

Dear Chuck,
trials and tribulations abound.

Keenly aware,
how much I miss you.

My desire,
to pick up the phone.

Hear godly council,
from one whom I respect.

To once again,
sit under your teaching.

Knowing God,
will use His willing servant.

Speaking God’s word,
to correct, rebuke or encourage.

No doubt,
an occasional flinch would be seen.

As God’s word,
takes steady aim, piercing my heart.

A tear,
or two would be wiped away.

As I see,
my wobbly faith has fallen short.

Yet my God,
provided rich teaching from his humble servant.

Daily I feast,
to strengthen my heart, mind and soul.

Encouraged to know,
his humble servant finished well.

I know firsthand,
I witnessed the power of God’s word.

My prayer,
that I too will hear.

Jesus words,
“Well done, my faithful servant.”

I miss you my beloved Pastor.

Thanking God for my beloved former Pastor, Chuck Obremski and the dedicated servants at Kindred Community Church who carry on the mission of Reaching the World with the Word of God.

If you too are going through difficult times or times of temptation and trial, please click on the link to
Kindred Community Church and listen to the online sermons or e-mail the audio ministry and request some of the teaching albums. Trust me…your faith will be strengthened and challenged. You will grow and your walk will be made steady as you feast on God’s word.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lasting Impressions

Hurt and angry too.

Caught between;
Inept and unwilling.

Faith and doubt;
Wavering in between.

Incapable or unwilling;
Beyond my understanding.

Surely not what I imagined.

Lacking these days.

Dashed against reality.

No reply…still waiting.

Not even worth it;
A waste of time to ask why.

Forget about it;
Out with the old.

Respect for whom?
Where did it go?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Welcome to hell…step right in!

I awoke to the news today,
That evil personified had met his maker.

Today Al Zarqawi,
Was welcomed to the gates of hell.

Al, please meet your torturers,
They will be with you for eternity.

Yes…the temperature it a little hot,
Fear not…it will get worse.

Oh, those screams you hear,
Your voice will soon be added to them.

Take a good look around,
This is the last you will ever see of another soul.

Al Zarqawi,
Is that you trembling?

Tell me,
Do you think Nick Berg trembled at your hand?

Starting to sink in now?
A little too late to realize you’ve got it all wrong.

Don’t be getting weak kneed on me now,
After all, this will just last…for eternity.

Fret not…there is still plenty of room,
For all your friends.

See that spot…specially prepared for Osama,
He’ll be joining us soon.

Mr. Al Zarqawi,
It will be my pleasure to serve you justice for eternity.

What’s the matter…don’t you want to enter in?
Boys, “Grab him”.

Make no mistake,
You will enter in, it’s not optional.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Words Left Unspoken…

Desperation I fear is my lot,
Tempted to utter words,
Best left unspoken.

You failed me…
Where were you…
Why didn’t you fight for me?

My heart and mind,
I don’t understand!

Trust evades me,
Truly I am.

My faith,
My hope,
Where are you now?

Broad shoulders,
Carry a load,
I fear I’m only adding to.

My mind knows the truth,
My eyes have seen daily,
My ears have heard your words.

How do I bridge the gap?
Bring heart and mind in sync?
My desire…trust, hope and faith.

Have you ever doubted someone…whose only aim is do the right thing and help you? And you know your doubts and wobbly faith…adds to their burdens and an already heavy load? Sometimes…I don’t know the answer…or how to make that leap of faith. But I attempt to disarm its hold over me…by speaking the truth. Right now…somehow I need to make the connection between my heart and my mind. My lack of trust…is a reflection solely on me.

I’m sorry!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Weight of His World

When you look in his eyes these days,
You’ll see someone carrying the burdens of many.

Desperate phone calls from those whose future is uncertain,
Pleas to know what will happen as they face the unknown.

A reputation for always doing the right thing,
He aims to treat everyone with respect.

Only now the answers are not forthcoming,
This time, the decisions are not his to make.

For now, sleepless nights are his lot,
Dark circles bear witness, as does the pain in his eyes.

Most desperate to take care of his people,
None will ever fully know his efforts on their behalf.

He cries out to God for wisdom and strength,
As he carries the weight of his world on his shoulders.

For you...I thank you for everything you've done. I am most grateful and humbled...even though it doesn't always come through in what I say and do.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Hope…a Chance…United 93

A hope…but not a guarantee,
A chance…but not a certainty,
Had the passengers on United 93.

A picture…
A realization…
Of the evil set before them.

Subdued initially by lies,
Communication with loved ones,
Their true mission revealed.

Awful truth sets in,
Oppressed, overwhelmed, just want to cry,
After all…what can we do?

A flicker of hope,
A strength surges through,
Hearts and minds steeled for the mission ahead.

Not a choice,
But a must,
We dare not allow them success.

A plan is formed,
Last goodbyes are said,
Ours the first step, in the war on terror.

Will they ever know the truth?
Will they know that we tried?
Will they remember…and never forget?

They must be strengthened,
And never loose sight,
Find courage, fight strong, finish the battle.

A hope…but not a guarantee,
A chance…but not a certainty,
Let’s roll…let’s fight, our battles’ begun.

Dedicated to the Passengers & Crew of United 93
Susan Bunts