Sunday, February 28, 2010

God's Will


Oh how the enemy robs me
When I fail to yield to God’s will

When I want what I want…in my timing
Unwilling to wait upon the Lord

When I plan my ways according to my will
But the Lord directs my steps elsewhere

Then anxiety fills my heart and mind
The peace of God evades me

When I try to manipulate circumstances
Unwilling to admit they are far beyond my control

When I stand in judgment of people
Who just don’t cooperate and mess up my plans

Then frustration and anger reigns
Consumes my every thought

When I don’t trust that God is good
Unless He answers my prayers in the manner I deem best

When my prayers are orders
Instead of a humble petition to omnipotent God

Then I raise myself up
In place of God

Oh Lord, give me the mind of Christ
Help me to die to self daily, pick up my cross and follow You

Put me in the refiner’s fire
Consume any wicked way that remains in me

Help me to wait upon You Lord
With confident assurance all Your ways are good

Susan Bunts Wachtel
February 26, 2010

Recently I was reminded of a time in my life…when I wasn’t yielded to God’s will.  Some of that struggle went on after I became a Christian.  Praise God…He keeps on whittling away at my sinfulness and conforming me into the image and likeness of Christ.  It’s an ongoing work this side of heaven.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Overriding Love


It was the day
God’s love overrode His righteous wrath
Against sinful man

Where He offered me a sinner
Mercy, grace and forgiveness
Called this enemy, His friend

But God’s wrath towards sinful man
Was poured out in full
Against the only begotten Son of God

The innocent Lamb of God
Put on my sin
So that the wrath of God would be satisfied

The Word of God
Fulfilled Scripture that day
Submitting Himself to the Father’s plan

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
February 23, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

San Juan Memories

I nearly choke back tears at the thought
Your feet may have strode upon the blue cobblestone bricks
That my feet tread upon today

Did you sit under a starry midnight sky
With a warm gentle breeze blowing
The sound of waves breaking on a nearby beach

Did you enjoy Sunday afternoon in the park
Teaching your two little brown eyed boys
To fly a kite high in the sunlit sky

Did your eyes gaze upon the azure blue sea
Watch the waves break
Taste the salty spray in the air

Can it really be nearly 50 years ago
A young wife became a mother
Made San Juan, Puerto Rico her home

by Susan Bunts Wachtel
February 16, 2010

Dedicated to my mother Gayle Merriam Johnson Bunts Lorenat

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hair Dryer Revelations


As I started my day I was overwhelmed
Feeling defeated by the mountain of responsibility that stood before me
Downcast at the prospect of walking through a dark valley
While drying my hair…God met me in my weakness

God assured me that He did not bring me to this mountain
So that I would be overwhelmed by my inability
But so He might come alongside me
Walk with me and strengthen me so that I can overcome by His power

God did not bring me to the valley
That I might be overwhelmed with despair
But that He would meet me there
Walk with me and bring me through the valley in His presence

Oh Lord, may I hold fast to You and remember
You are well able to handle all that concerns me today
May I find encouragement when facing a mountain or valley
Know with certainty that You are with me and will bring me through

Susan Bunts Wachtel
February 3, 2010