Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Weight of His World

When you look in his eyes these days,
You’ll see someone carrying the burdens of many.

Desperate phone calls from those whose future is uncertain,
Pleas to know what will happen as they face the unknown.

A reputation for always doing the right thing,
He aims to treat everyone with respect.

Only now the answers are not forthcoming,
This time, the decisions are not his to make.

For now, sleepless nights are his lot,
Dark circles bear witness, as does the pain in his eyes.

Most desperate to take care of his people,
None will ever fully know his efforts on their behalf.

He cries out to God for wisdom and strength,
As he carries the weight of his world on his shoulders.

For you...I thank you for everything you've done. I am most grateful and humbled...even though it doesn't always come through in what I say and do.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Hope…a Chance…United 93

A hope…but not a guarantee,
A chance…but not a certainty,
Had the passengers on United 93.

A picture…
A realization…
Of the evil set before them.

Subdued initially by lies,
Communication with loved ones,
Their true mission revealed.

Awful truth sets in,
Oppressed, overwhelmed, just want to cry,
After all…what can we do?

A flicker of hope,
A strength surges through,
Hearts and minds steeled for the mission ahead.

Not a choice,
But a must,
We dare not allow them success.

A plan is formed,
Last goodbyes are said,
Ours the first step, in the war on terror.

Will they ever know the truth?
Will they know that we tried?
Will they remember…and never forget?

They must be strengthened,
And never loose sight,
Find courage, fight strong, finish the battle.

A hope…but not a guarantee,
A chance…but not a certainty,
Let’s roll…let’s fight, our battles’ begun.

Dedicated to the Passengers & Crew of United 93
Susan Bunts