Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where is Thy Sweet Savor?

Oh Christian…where is thy sweet savor,
Of a life…holy, consecrated, acceptable unto Me?

I have called you from darkness to light,
To live a life, holy devoted unto Me.

Set apart for good works,
That I ordained for you before the foundations of the world.

You have been called to be My ambassador,
Yet I see you entwined in the cares of this world.

Sin entangles you,
Rendering you no longer effective to a world lost in sin.

The sinner examines your life and concludes,
No different than I, so I must be a Christian too.

Thy words, thy deeds,
Do they reflect Me?

Satan will clamor and shout with glee,
He’ll utter hypocrite, liar and sinner too!

Do you hunger for the meat of My word,
Is it hidden within your heart?

Will you choose to be conformed by this world,
Or receive My promise…be ye transformed and renewed in Me?

Does your heart break…even ache,
For that which breaks My heart?

Will you run the race,
Strive towards the upward calling?

Finish strong…
I beckon you "Come…live a life of no regrets!"

By Susan Bunts
July 27, 2007

This poem is dedicated to my precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who called me from darkness to light and death unto life; and to my beloved former Pastor Chuck Obremski…who uncompromisingly taught us the Word of God so that our hearts and minds would be transformed and renewed in Christ Jesus.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dear Dissension

Dear Dissension,

It is with great eagerness that I commend you,
For your effective division,
Of the body of Christ.

As you know,
It is my deepest desire to see,
Those once on fire for Christ no longer a threat to my kingdom of darkness.

Good work…job well done
Your methods ever so clever,
Stealth…undetected…quite easily they follow your lead.

An effective mix,
Of genuine issues blended with personal opinion,
Lead them down the primrose path and soon we’ll see a critical spirit in full bloom.

Tread lightly,
Careful you must be…so as not to alert them,
Of our true mission to bring dishonor to their King.

May they not see their transgression,
Nor be repentant…and seek forgiveness of their sin,
Press onward…what’s a little gossip and slander…when carefully hidden as constructive criticism.

Dissension…be sure to blind them,
Veil their eyes, so they may not see,
May they not grow stronger by the reading God’s Word.

May they forget about prayer,
Or battling this war upon on their knees,
Calling upon their God will only bring our much hated foe…to battle by their side.

Throw out the bait,
Hook them with dissatisfaction,
Reel them in with discontent.

Divide them, conquer them,
Big or small, young or old…it matters not,
Use music, or style or even their precious translations to divide.

May they not be like their God,
Who looks upon the heart,
Instead may they only dwell upon that which their flesh can see and hear.

Divide them,
Scatter them,
Send them to the four winds.

My deepest desire,
To see that beacon…that bright and shining light upon the hill,
Extinguished…so I can take countless more souls to hell!

Insincerely yours…the enemy of their souls!

By Susan Bunts - July 17, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hand It Over

Hand it over…Preacher boy,
Step away from the Gospel.

That’s good…now make them believe,
It’s their character,
Their righteousness that saves them,
Not the righteousness of Christ.

Never let them know the truth,
That there is no one righteous, no not one,
That their salvation was bought and paid for,
Through the blood of Jesus when He died on the cross.

Make them believe,
The wisdom of men,
Which speaks of works righteousness,
Not the holy, perfect, acceptable sacrifice of Christ Jesus alone.

Let them hear stories,
Instead be inspired by heroes and stories of men,
Hush…they needn’t know the truth,
That the Word of God alone can heal their broken lives.

Perhaps there is one not yet saved,
Who does not yet know the power of the Holy Spirit,
Of One who convicts men of sin,
Or the One who can transform their lives…by His power within.

Let them rest comfortably,
Seeking integrity in the eyes of men,
Share not the Gospel message, no nary a word,
Lest they be saved…a new creation in Christ

Good work,
Job well done…
Christ was not mentioned,
Not a whisper of promised assurance…forgiveness of their sin.

Preacher man…do not loose heart,
Nor feel you’ve betrayed,
The Gospel of Christ,
To a world not yet saved.

Insincerely yours,
The enemy!

By Susan Bunts
July 1, 2007

Then I Weep

Today we learned a little something,
About God,
Now…let me tell you why I weep.

When I hear quotes from the wisdom of man,
In place of godly counsel from the Word of God,
Then I weep.

When I hear stories about some man made superhero,
Instead of Bible history…tales of men transformed by the power of God,
Then I weep.

When I hear scripture overly simplified,
Rather than digging deep into the bountiful treasure of the Word of God,
Then I weep.

When I see the church swept downstream into today’s culture,
Instead of offering the Way to come up higher,
Then I weep.

When I forget that my salvation is a work of God,
Not of man…whose works are as filthy rags,
Then I weep.

When I see the church effortlessly float downstream,
Instead of exercising faith building study in the Word of God,
Then I weep.

When I partake of cotton candy that melts in my mouth,
Instead of chewing on the meat of God’s word,
Then I weep.

When I see interest waning,
Instead of excitement building at the study of God’s Word,
Then I weep.

When I neglect the Word of God,
Set it aside for something more palatable to my weakened and sinful mind,
Then I weep.

When I, in ignorance, neglect God’s character and lay aside His instruction,
I unknowingly strip God of His power in my life,
Then I weep.

When I fail to learn and abide by what God says is right,
And I unwittingly invite sin to creep its way back into my life,
Then I weep.

When I allow my life to be ordinary,
An example to none,
Then I weep.

When I choose to live,
A settled for life,
Then I weep.

When I think I’m saved,
But my life is not changed, transformed by the power of Holy Spirit,
Then I weep.

When I allow the light within me to be dimmed,
My life not salty, lacking in savor and good for nothing,
Then I weep.

When I’m indwelt by the Holy Spirit,
But not daily filled to live by the power of God,
Then I weep.

When I strip God of His power,
Quench the Spirit’s work within me because of easy and lazy unbelief,
Then I weep.

When I fail to learn about God,
His mighty and transforming work in the lives of sinful man,
Then I weep.

When I neglect the work of His hands,
Forgetting His deeds of old and His ability and desire to do the same today,
Then I weep.

When I forget that by His Word that He spoke everything into existence,
When I’m hard pressed to tell you the Ten Commandments, much less live by them,
Then I weep.

When I don’t know of God’s faithfulness,
And forget about His deliverance of Israel time and time again,
Then I weep.

When I think that Jesus came to show us how to live,
Instead of to die, the only worthy propitiation for my sins,
Then I weep.

Today we learned a little something about God,
Today I fear that instead…we learned that God is a little something,
Thus today I weep.

By Susan Bunts
June 24, 2007

This poem is dedicated to those with whom I share a passionate concern about the church today and the body of Christ. Donna and Jay Hoyt…you two come to mind first and foremost. Thank you for your uncompromising faithful love of the Word of God…and the souls of men…so that all may come to repentance. It should be noted that the title of this poem is inspired by comments by Beth Moore that when we do a "little study about God", we instead make God a "little something".

I find myself increasingly distressed by today’s church. One that settles for the stories of man, instead of the diligently studying of God’s Word. I fear that we are being influenced by today’s culture rather than impacting the culture around us for Christ. No longer are our lives transformed by the power of God. If we continue to settle for stories of men rather then insist on being taught and diligently studying the Word of God, then we will continue to live ordinary and ineffective lives. Our lives and our work will come to naught unless we are transformed by the Word of God and the work Holy Spirit within us. Only then we can be mighty instruments in the hand of a holy, righteous, just and powerful God. God…Who is an all consuming fire.

When we live the settled for life, when we try to live life based upon our own power, instead of yielding to Christ Jesus within, we will not impact the culture in any effective way. Unsaved persons will see nothing desirous in our lives that will cause them to seek Jesus. When I’m doing the same thing as the unbeliever sitting next to me…that doesn’t speak well of my religion.

I weep at the “settled for” Christian life. I believe that when I get to heaven, I will be grieved as I look at the lost opportunities and look at a life that was far from victorious.

I see the church today…along with our culture….trying to bring God down to our level. Our churches almost apologetically ask parishioners to turn in their Bible to the passage that they will be studying. Topical sermons can't take the place of genuine Bible study. Don’t get me wrong…because one of my favorite Pastors, Charles Stanley, is a topical preacher. When he preaches you are getting fed the Word of God…and it’s not dumbed down. But I wonder…how many Pastors preach topical sermons…because of the challenge that straight Bible study presents?

It’s odd…but I think it both funny and sad when Pastors say “if you have your Bible with you, please turn to page…”. For Pete’s sakes…if you are at church or a Bible study…you should have your Bible with you. Yes…there may be some new folks that don’t have their Bible with them...visitors who didn’t bring their Bible or persons who don’t know Christ. But the church should have Bibles on hand for them to use and participate with.

I think of my own dear beloved Pastor Chuck Obremski…if you left your Bible at home or forgot it…you can be sure you’d get a verbal swat upside the head. Chiding in a good natured and playful fashion…but one that was also serious. He was someone to hold our feet to the fire. If not our Pastor…then pray tell whom?

I think we’ve forgotten how awesome is our God. He is holy…so much so that the angels proclaim “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come." He can not be contained, nor tamed. Try as we might…He will not be brought down to our level. He is all powerful…one little word from Him…and it is so.

It’s easy to forget the awesome magnificence of God…when I fail to study His word. It’s also convenient…because if I don’t know what His word says…then I’m okay with living however I want to. The conviction of the Holy Spirit isn’t quite as loud when I don’t study God’s Word. It also means I don’t have to speak up when I see someone around me living a life that is sinful before God. I’m not obligated to warn them…if I don’t know what God says in His word. After all…speaking God’s word…to someone living in sin can make for some uncomfortable times. But my discomfort in doing so, is momentary in relation to the possible eternal consequences that person may face if they die without accepting Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for their sins.

I find myself grieved when I look at the state the church today…especially in the American culture. If I this sinful wretch of a human being feels that way…what must God feel?

We have been given a treasure beyond measure…the Word of God. It is eternal…as are the souls of men. Ought I not be treating both with the seriousness and reverence that Jesus Christ does?