Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Broken Lives & Tender Hearts

Was it just last week,
Here in this place,
I was overcome with tears,
Bearing a burden,
Much too heavy for me alone.

I cried out,
I beseeched Thee,
Oh Lord,
What are You doing through this?
Can anything good come from it?

I can’t go on,
With my life as it is,
I pled…please take this from me,
Or take me home.

But today…You have shown me,
How You can use even this for good,
A heart that’s been tendered,
Is one able to reach out to others,
With compassion and my Savior’s love.

Strength and wisdom found in Christ alone,
You bid me to step out in faith,
Turn hurt and pain into healing,
As we take up one another’s burdens,
And lift them up to the Lord.

When I weep,
May I weep for another,
When I am weak,
May I find strength,
In helping another carry their burden.

by Susan Bunts
October 28, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

Finish Strong

Dear Chuck,
As I pause and reflect,
On the eve of the installation of our new Pastor,
Your passing seems all the more final.

But let me assure you,
Not day goes by,
In which I don’t feel the influence,
Of God’s humble servant.

God used you,
Your fiery passion,
To awaken and grow a love,
Even a longing for His Holy Word.

To this day…I still listen to your sermons,
All the while finding the Holy Spirit,
Guiding, correcting and convicting me of sin,
Through the power of God’s Word.

So many churches,
Have forsaken,
Turned their backs,
On the truth of God’s Word.

Praise God…and Him only,
For Kindred will not go down that road,
He has prepared another faithful servant,
Able, most willing to preach the full counsel of God’s Word.

I still delight at handing out your messages,
Knowing firsthand that God will touch hearts,
Those whose circumstances are most desperate,
Bring comfort and strength as they depend on my Lord.

I think of you often,
Thank my God daily,
For messages delivered through His faithful servants,
God's call…to run the race well and finish strong.

by Susan Bunts
October 12, 2007

When Faith Comes Crashing In

Not the first of Your servants,
To experience doubt and unbelief,
A failure of faith.

From hope to despair,
The light turns to dark,
All comes crashing in.

Like David of old,
My soul cries out,
Have you forgotten, yeah even forsaken me?

I feel like Elijah,
Following his victory on the mount,
I am overcome with fear, trembling and doubt.

I let go,
I give up,
Ask the walls to come tumbling down upon me.

Your word assures me,
It bids me to trust Thee,
Believe in that which is yet unseen.

I can not,
It is beyond me,
My hope has been deferred for far too long.

I cry out,
In words known only,
To the Holy Spirit within.

He pleads,
He carries my requests,
Before the very throne room of God.

I bow before Thee,
In silence I wait,
You are my only hope.

Trembling with disbelief,
I dare not look up,
Else You will see tears shed in doubt and unbelief.

I lay them on the alter,
Take from You courage,
To believe in more than that which is seen.

I ask You for hope,
For the faith to believe,
To trust in Your goodness and mercy towards me.

In my circumstances,
You are at work, perfectly fitting him,
Whom You have chosen for me.

Dear Lord, how might I persuade you?
When Adam walked with You,
You declared, “It is not good for man to be alone!”

As Jacob wrestled with You Lord, so too will I cling,
I will not, no I will not let go,
Until Thou blesses me.

by Susan Bunts
October 12, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Broken Heart & Answered Prayer

Oh dear Lord, I pray,
Protect my heart,
May I not go down that wrong path again.

For my broken heart,
My soul,
Still bear the scars.

Wounds that once bled,
Now healed,
Through the touch of Your hand…filled with grace, mercy and love.

Like Sarah and Hannah of old,
I know,
The ache and longing of desire unfulfilled.

May I balance,
Stepping out in faith,
With pursuing Your perfect will.

May Your delay,
Not be a denial,
But instead the working out of each fine detail.

May my life, my story,
Be a testimony,
To Your unfailing love.

May those who have written me off,
Said never will it be,
Be silenced…as they see You are God who still answers prayer.

Susan Bunts
October 9, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

That You Might Know My Jesus

Dear Papa,
I pray that one day,
You might know my Jesus.

You confess that you just don’t know for sure,
That the Bible alone reveals,
The One True God called Jehovah.

How can there only be one way?
How narrow to say salvation is found in no other.
That the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

You say that my good works,
Count for nothing,
That salvation comes only through the blood of the Lamb.

I know so very well…I’m no saint,
Nor a wretch…deserving of hell.
Surely He must grade on a curve.

Dear Papa…I beg you please,
Cry out to Him…challenge Him,
Ask that He might reveal Himself to thee.

Dear Jesus…
I beg You…I plead…
Pour out Your mercy upon my Dad.

Bring him to the end of himself,
That he might look up and see,
My Savior’s face…and receive.

Welcome him into the fold,
Grant him life everlasting.
Come into his heart and reside.

His debt marked “paid in full”,
Made whiter than snow.

Dedicated to Terry

By Susan Bunts
October 3, 2007

We all have loved ones…family and friends who are yet unsaved. It’s a heavy burden…especially as we see an aging parent remain resolute in their unbelief. Yet…our God is a God of mercy and grace…and He just loves to work miracles in the least likely souls. Tonight my heart is burdened for a dear friend Terry as she is in prayer for a loved one’s salvation. Terry…so many people join with you in your ongoing prayer…and we look forward to God answering those prayers in a way we can not even ask or imagine. Blessings to you dear one.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sunshine and Shadows

In the quite of the day I rise,
Only to face those who come against me,
Armed with lies and deceit.

The darkness of my trials threatens to overtake me,
Then I look up and feel a ray of sun upon my face,
Bathing in the warmth…I’m reminded of Your love and faithfulness to me.

As the enemy whispers messages of defeat and destruction,
I hold fast to the One who enables me,
To be steadfast and immovable through the power of the Holy Spirit within.

Dedicated to you…

by Susan Bunts
October 2, 2007

This morning God laid upon my heart someone facing a heavy burden and trial. As I walked into work…I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of the sun upon my face...reminding me of God's love which chases the darkness and shadows away. When darkness threatens overtake him…it is my prayer that God will remind this precious man of His love and care for him. May he be confident in his Saviors ability to bring him through each trial and tribulation he faces.