Monday, October 02, 2006

My Heart’s Desire

A certain wildness,
That can not be tamed.

Maddeningly aloof,
Yet I find myself drawn.

He hears me,
Like none before.

A quite confidence,
Seeks not the praise of men.

At times immovable,
Yet a plea for help will be answered.

Humble strength,
Helps those in need.

Deep beneath the surface.

Scars remain,
Hurt deep within the soul.

Faithfulness and truth,
Ever so rare in this generation.

My heart yearns,
Desires one…such as this.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Once Considered a Friend

There once was a man called friend.
With sparkling blue eyes and an engaging smile,
Who captured my heart.

A thoughtful, kind and caring soul.
Through thick and through thin,
A good friend to all.

Passionate and caring of things of import.
Arguments vocalized with a friendly banter,
Refusal to back down or be swayed from his point.

Then the day came, when rough waters abound.
A cry went out for the help of a supportive friend.
Only to be met with silence.

Confused information with participation.
Choices sent waves of disappointment;
From which he would not repent.

The phone remained silent; e-mails unanswered.
Hurt and withdrawal necessitated,
A decision…to give up.

Decision made to move on.
Eyes fixed forward, must not look back.
In reality…a struggle each day.

Until one day…success.
Conversation…but nary a thought of him came to mind.
Shocked, surprised and appalled!

How could I…what kind of a person am I?
To so easily forget,
One, once considered a friend?