Monday, January 25, 2010


When I suffer trouble or hardship
May I recognize I have been chosen by God
Not picked on
May I be willing to suffer affliction
As a tool and an instrument
In the hands of the Master
Confident that God will use all difficulties
To help build a solid faith on the firm foundation of Christ
Not a faith founded on the shifting sands of circumstances
Knowing that He has entrusted me with troubles
So that my heart might be made tender
To the hurting souls around me
So those who lack outward beauty
Won’t be invisible to me,
May I be focused more on them, less on me
May the reproach of this world
Hold little sway or weight
Compared to the approval of God
May I take that which troubles me
Thoughts and attitudes that tempt me to sin
Lay them down at the cross
May I let go of my false beliefs and misperceptions
Tainted by this world of sin
Instead saturate my heart and mind with God’s word
My I recognize my unbelief is not harmless
But a sin against God
Calling into question His motives and character

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 14, 2010

Sometimes I find myself tempted to ask “Why me God?” when I encounter seasons of prolonged difficulties.  But I must say that God is so good and faithful to use difficult circumstances, trials, temptation and pain to prepare me to reach out to others.  He is so faithful to redeem my dark days by allowing me to come alongside people and encourage them or testify to the faithfulness of the Lord.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

An Inconvenient Life

The abortion industry thrives on despair
Prospers on lies and deception
But the truth is
It’s a baby, not just a fetus
A child, not tissue

A mother’s womb
So perfectly designed by God
To nourish and protect
Nascent human life
Has become a chamber of death

They say it’s just tissue and won’t feel a thing
But he is already fully formed, all organs in place
With arms and legs, hands and feet
And a beating human heart
Knit so perfectly together by God in the hidden place

This wee little one…does he feel anxiety
As adrenalin courses through his mother’s body
He’s resting, protected within his mother’s womb
Until a probe enters in
And pokes him in the side

He has no knowledge of what it is
He only knows it hurts
His arms and legs flail
He tries in vain to move away
But there will be no escape

In a matter of seconds
A beating heart is stilled
His body is mangled and torn apart
As it silently slips away through the hose
His life and death invisible to all but God

The mother who was to give birth
Sentenced her child to death
The one who pledged to protect human life
Now extinguishes life for profit
Parents who desire to have a babe in their arms must wait a little longer

An inconvenience, a consequence
Soon to be swept away by a “simple procedure”
But this child will never be forgotten
Reminders surround his mother…even haunt her
It’s everywhere…the smile of a child or a date on the calendar

But there is healing and forgiveness to be found
Salvation through Christ Jesus the Redeemer
Adoption by the Lover of her soul

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 21, 2009

This poem was inspired by Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director, turned Pro Life when confronted with the undeniable truth…it’s a baby growing within a womb.  To hear her story log on to Focus on the Family and listen to the shows from January 21 and 22, 2010. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Gift of Discouragement

Oh lowest and most evil one
I have a delicious, delectable bad report
Of inroads made into the hearts and minds the enemy’s saints
God gives the gift of, dare I say, encouragement
But I’ve been able to successfully supplant it
With the gift of discouragement
Aided by pride and feelings of self righteousness
The unsuspecting saint didn’t have a clue
Of the exchange made while sitting in the church pew
The overflow of their heart
Spewed forth criticism and condemnation
Aimed squarely at a fellow believer
Unaware of the opportunity God presented
To pray for, encourage, and build up one another
I was able to come alongside and whisper in their ear
Out of their mouth came words I effectively used
To tear down, discourage and cause division
With one they call brother in Christ
As they sat in church
Feelings of superiority took hold
While they focused on the faults and failures of another
All the while
I was able to distract the one who was hurt
With hurt feelings, anger and un-forgiveness
The real victory was won
When I distracted both from hearing the pastor’s message
The Word of God was falling on deaf ears and distracted minds
I predict continued success
So long as they fail to take every thought captive
Or resist offering forgiveness for an offense
I dare say we may take even more of the enemy’s ground
If we can light a fire and watch it spread throughout the congregation
Fueled by pride and self-righteousness

Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 18, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010


Another store front went dark today
Another business locked their doors
Another owner won’t be collecting rent for their property
Today, countless employees joined the ranks of the unemployed
More people were given bad news
You’re dismissed, turn in your keys and go home
An application for unemployment
Worry sets in
How long will it be?
Another resume submitted
The waiting begins
Finally a call comes in and an interview is scheduled
Another offer…with wages so low it won’t even pay the rent
Another email, “I’m sorry but…we’ve selected another candidate.”
Another day goes news and nothing on the horizon
I’m sorry, you are overqualified
We can’t pay you what you’re worth
If we hire you, surely you won’t stay
There’s a knock at the door
It’s the superintendent coming to collect rent quiet…maybe he’ll go away

Please just give me a chance
I’m desperate to put food on the table and pay the rent
I have a wife and children at home…I don’t want them to go hungry another day
By Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 14, 2010

This poem is dedicated to the many people on my prayer list who have lost their job and to Jesus Christ…the One who is faithful and true.  May His mercy and grace abound as He brings you through this difficult season. 

Monday, January 04, 2010

A Beacon on a Hill

Their little church
Became a beacon on a hill
A shinning light
Bidding all who want to follow Jesus
Come…follow Him

From humble beginnings
A group of people
Who loved God’s word
Studied the scriptures diligently
That they might accurately divide the word of Truth

Though their shepherd was struck
They kept their eyes on Christ
Called out to God
That He might bring another pastor
Faithful to preach the full counsel of God’s word

In His perfect timing
God brought His servant
A man ready to preach
In season and out of season
Teaching sound doctrine to equip the saints

God continues to bring them
From far and wide
Those who are unwilling to have their ears tickled
But would rather be reproved, corrected and instructed
So they might be thoroughly equipped for every good work

God is growing His church daily
Knitting each one perfectly into the body of Christ
The saints are not ashamed of the Gospel
For they know personally, it is the power of salvation
For all who believe

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 4, 2010