Monday, October 19, 2009

Sinners & Saints

Today I found myself
Overwhelmed with sorrow
As I witnessed sin and rebellion
Active and alive in both sinners and saints

I was grieved over the one called Christian
Who powerfully wields their tongue
Only to criticize and condemn
In pride, crushes the reputation of others

I wondered do I pray
For the salvation
Of the one who proclaims belief in Christ
But is walking with one foot in the world

What do I say
To the brother or sister
Engaging in filthy language and course jesting
In whom there’s little difference from an unbeliever

Oh Lord,
May my heart be burdened
For their salvation and Christian walk
May I be faithful in prayer for both sinners and saints

Susan Bunts Wachtel
October 19, 2009

Recently God has burdened my heart to pray for other believers.  I’ve tried to very specific.  That their words, the overflow of the heart, would be good and pleasing to God.  That their words would be used to encourage and build up others in the faith.  That their lips would praise and glorify God.  That they would be humble before God, burdened for the lost and faithful in prayer.  That their Christian walk would be blameless. 

That’s why I experienced profound sadness when I found that those prayers have not been answered yet. 

But tonight I experienced some peace when studying Beth Moore’s “Jesus The One & Only”.  In tonight’s lesson she explained that some believers choose to sit by the word of God, rather than sit under the authority of the word of God. 

That insight helped me to understand…that while what I’m praying for people is in God’s will…it’s not something that He will force upon them.  Instead He desires that we willingly choose to obey Him. 

When I love God and choose to walk in a manner that is good and pleasing to Him that is more desirable than having God force me to be good. 

Though momentarily discouraged…I’m reminded that I need to continue to be faithful in praying for we are engaged in a spiritual battle…and I don’t want my fellow saints to fall prey to the enemy.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


I had a “tude” today
I could have given you a laundry list of everything that’s wrong
Lament about things that aren’t fair
Drone on about things that are just not right

I know that there is a fine line
Between a heart that is hurting, sadden and grieved
And spirit of grumbling and complaining against God
I crossed that line today

But my God was patient and gentle with me
I know that instead of whining and complaining
Against circumstances, people and God
That I should go before God with my cares and concerns

Today, He went before me
Offered grace and mercy when I deserved none
He heard my cry of pain
Thinly disguised as complaining

He worked out the circumstances of a busy day
Smoothed out the path before me
Allowed me to accomplish all that needed to done
Showed me that my fear was for naught

He led me to the healing balm of praise and worship
Through hymns, songs and spiritual songs
Reminded me of His sovereignty in all things
Assured me that He is working all these things for good

While I may not know His purpose
In allowing things that are wrong, not fair and just not right
He does have a purpose and a plan
None of it escapes His notice

At God’s appointed time
He will provide deliverance
Work through my circumstance
And bring much more than I could ask or imagine

Susan Bunts Wachtel
October 3, 2009

Yester day my attitude stinketh.  I meditated on everything that wasn’t fair or right.  I mulled over the things that are wrong in my life. 

But I was amazed at how gently God dealt with me.  I know that just like the Israelites grumbling and complaining as they walked through the desert was wrong and an offence to God…so too is my grumbling and complaining.

In the midst of my bad attitude day…God led me to put in a worship CD from Kristen and Keith Getty called “Awaken the Dawn”.  Was a wonderful way to be reminded about the sovereignty of God!  Of His tender loving care even in the midst of difficult circumstances. 

In thinking about the sin of grumbling and complaining…I see that it is simply a manifestation of doubt and unbelief.  It’s doubting God…doubting that He is who He says He is.  Displaying a lack of confidence that He can do what He says He can do.  It’s my failure to trust His goodness and character.  It’s focusing on me.  It’s wanting things my way, in my timing.  It’s having no regard for God’s plan, purpose and timing.

Grumbling and complaining is doing the easy thing.  It’s not disciplining my heart and mind to go to God in prayer and lift up what concerns me. 

When I grumble and complain…there is no room for thanksgiving or prayer for others.  Just as the Israelites complained about the manna that God provided…my bad attitude and grumbling was really a complaint against what God has seen fit to provide me.

When I grumble and complain, I fail to recognize that God is doing a greater work to conform me to the image and likeness of Christ. 

Complaining make my heart hard and resistant to the hands of the skillful, knowledgeable Potter who seeks to form this pot as He sees fit.  The hardness of my heart against my circumstances and God makes the work that God is doing in me, more painful than it needs to be. 

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your mercy to me.