Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where Have You Been?

Where have you been all my life?
I know, I know...God has been shaping you,
Into the man who would one day touch my heart.

A warm smile,
Graces your face,
As a playful, teasing laugh escapes your lips.

Deep blue eyes,
And penetrating gaze,
At times...I must turn away.

Tendered heart and kind,
Caring...even for the least of these,
Bear witness to a heart transformed by his Savior.

No word goes unnoticed,
Our conversations so deep,
I could spend a lifetime getting to know you.

You treat me like a princess,
Like no man ever has,
Only time will tell...if this will have a fairytale end.

Susan Bunts
March 29, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Clock is Ticking

The clock on the wall is ticking,
In between the tick, tick, tick,
Only silence fills the room.

Before me lies one,
For whom I have prayed untold times,
Seeking his salvation before the throne of God.

His breathing is now labored,
Consciousness is fading,
Dare I plead one more time Lord?

Only You oh Lord,
Know the day and the hour,
When the beating of his heart will cease.

That moment when his fate will be sealed,
When the time to repent will have passed,
Entering that place where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But Lord, You tell me,
That today is the day of salvation,
That You desire for all to come to repentance.

So I pray oh Lord,
That You might move in his heart,
Enable him, even hear the Gospel and respond.

Give me the words,
To tell him,
That all have sinned and fallen short.

That our sin debt,
Was paid in full,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

That if he will confess with his mouth,
Believe in his heart,
That Jesus Christ is Lord...he will be saved.

Before the night is over,
I pray that his name will be written,
In the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Susan Bunts
March 16, 2008

This poem is dedicated to those who bear the heavy burden of unsaved loved ones. Keep praying! Our hope is in Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Level Ground

If the cross were ever before me,
How would it affect my choices,
Would I willfully, so easily step into sin,
Or see sin’s true cost and flee?

If only I could see His nail pierced hands,
Know the agony and pain He endured,
That He willingly, with full knowledge,
Took upon Himself so that I might be freed.

If only I could know of God’s righteous anger,
His wrath poured out upon my sin,
If only I could comprehend His great love,
That by grace He provided a way that I might be saved.

If only I could see,
That it was His precious blood,
Flowing abundant and free,
That has cleansed me and made me whole.

Oh....that I would be mindful,
That at the foot of the cross all ground is level,
There I stand no better than the other sinner,
Who was saved...just like me.

The same blood,
Shed by the same Savior,
Covers our sins,
Saving us from the same eternity spent in hell.

By Susan Bunts
March 15, 2008

This is dedicated to a certain someone. May you never believe the lies of enemy...but instead be strong in the Lord and the strength of His might. Praise God...we have been freed from the power of sin. May we loudly proclaim...we are free at last!

As a is important that I be mindful that my salvation was based on Jesus Christ and His righteousness. That He willing took my sins...upon Himself and paid the penalty of God’s wrath for my that I might be saved. He died so that I might be clothed in His righteousness and have eternal life.

While no one likes to admit they are a sinner it seems that there are certain sins that are more acceptable than other...sins that are ubiquitous. Then there are other sins that are anathema.

But it’s important that I remember that my sins would have put in me in hell...that at the foot of the cross...the ground is level. That Jesus blood was shed for me...and necessary to cleanse me and make whole again. It took the same blood to save me as the greatest sinner.

I have no place bragging expect in Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

Stingy Grace

How do you respond to someone,
Who is unforgiving...stingy with their grace?

What do you say to someone,
Who refuses to acknowledge their own sin?

At what point to you give up,
Walk away, and never look back?

They can not give,
What they have never received, can they?

What does my Savior require,
When forgiveness is rejected, set aside, torn asunder?

Forgive again…
Will you dare to be generous with your grace?

February 28, 2008
Susan Bunts

What do you do when you reach out with olive branch…only to have that branch broken and returned you?

I could tell that God has been working on me. His transforming power was evident in my response. After the tears had stopped…and I realized my heart would live to see another day…and dare to even love again…I knew what I had to do. As clear as God’s leading was to reach out initially…His leading now was to forgive the offense immediately.

“But God…he was stingy with his grace…he was hard hearted…unkind and uncaring. You want me to forgive that?”

Well…I should have known better than to ask God that question. The answer was a resounding, “Yes! Susan…he can not give…that which he has not received. You know My know My forgiveness. I forgave you Susan…when you were still dead in your sin. But it wasn’t until you received My forgiveness…offered to you though My grace…that you were able to forgive. Susan, I bind up brokenhearted and heal bruised and battered lives…I will care for you. But you must obey Me. Forgive! Today…right now…without delay. Be generous with your grace Susan…be generous as I am with you.”

“Okay God…I forgive!”

“Atta-girl Susan…you keep obeying and following Me. Now you might want to even be praying for him. What do you think?”

“Yes Lord.”