Saturday, March 30, 2013

Five Minute Friday – A Broken Sinner

In the beginning God created man without sin
But with freewill and the ability to choose

On that fateful day, a choice was made
Disobedience…and sin entered the world

From then on, man’s nature was corrupted
Thereafter all were born with a sin nature

I’m a sinner, therefore I sin
I am broken, in need of a Savior

Before the foundations of the world were laid
A plan was made by Omniscient God

Genesis 3:15
A Redeemer was promised

In the fullness of time the Messiah came
Lived a sinless life and gave His life an atonement for sin

It was on the cross
God’s holiness and mercy met

Righteous God was able to dispense grace
To sinful man who is unable to save himself

How can I say that Friday was good
When the Son of God was put to death by sinful man

It was there that my sin debt was paid in full
This broken sinner was forgiven by God

Friday was not the end of the story
Because Sunday was coming

As Christ foretold
He arose from the grave

God gave convincing proof in the Resurrection
My sin debt…was marked paid in full

By Susan Wachtel
March 30, 2013

It’s another Saturday and I participating in Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday writing challenge.  Head over to her website “Lisa Jo Baker Tales from a Gypsy Mama”.  Be sure to read some of the entries from other writers.  I can promise you that you will be blessed.

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