Monday, September 07, 2015

A Year with the LORD

A year has passed
  Which held changes
    We never could have imagined

Nor could we have
  Gotten through the challenges
    On our own wisdom and strength

At every turn
  God met us
    With just what was needed

Before we could even ask
   Or know what to pray
    God directed our steps and met our needs

At times it seems surreal
  I’m sure I’ll wake up
    From this dream

But another day dawns
  Here I am
    In a new place we call home

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
September 7, 2015

September 6th, marked our one year anniversary when we left our family, friends, church and home in southern California and moved 1,500 miles to Texas. 

In so many respects it’s been an amazing year.  Especially when we look back and see God’s faithfulness and help at every turn. 

We are most grateful to God and for our family and friends who supported and prayed for us as the Lord moved us from the place we called home for many years. 

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