Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Example

Preaching and teaching the Word of God,
But a door is closed,
What would you have us to do Lord?

God is moving...leading,
Like the cloud by day or fire by night,
Where should we go Lord?

Moving…following His lead,
Seeing His church grow,
What will our God do?

Doctors deliver a bad report,
Seeking guidance and wisdom,
By what means will he be healed?

Desire to keep preaching,
Reaching those not yet saved,
That the lost might be saved.

Hospitals…hate them,
But following Your will,
The next step…in response to Your lead.

Surgery, radiation, and chemo too,
Wreaking havoc on the body,
Seeking wholeness and healing.

Sustained by Your power,
Standing by Your mighty hand,
Message shared...with those lost in their sin.

Standing amazed,
Silenced in awe,
Work of God, not of man.

Tool in the hand of the Master,
Used to do Your will,
Love…poured out,
Jesus…given to a world in need.

Praying, trusting and believing,
For wholeness and healing,
This world…or eternity,
Certainly in the world to come.

Heading the call of God,
To spread Your very Word,
Obedient...even to the end.

It’s all about Jesus,
It was, and is, and will always be,
Savior, Messiah, He’s Jesus, my Jesus!

By Susan Bunts – 8/30/05

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